3rd fire station considered for Charlottetown

The Charlottetown fire chief is looking into the possibility of having adding another fire station.

City purchased land for new fire station in June

A new fire station would mean buying more fire trucks and other expenses. (CBC)

The Charlottetown fire chief is looking into the possibility of opening a third fire station in the city.

In June, the city purchased land at Sherwood Road and Malpeque Road for a new station, with the plan being to close the current Station 2 in Sherwood.

Some councillors feel that given the way the city is growing, having three stations makes sense.

Coun. Kevin Ramsay would like to see a vote on a third station by the end of the year. (Sarah MacMillan/CBC)

But Coun. Kevin Ramsay, chair of the advanced planning, priorities and special projects committee, said a lot needs to be considered in a decision to keep the current Station 2 open.

"We're still looking at response times, we're looking at financial, what's it going to cost if we do happen to keep the three stations open," said Ramsay.

"How many trucks you need for each station, is it going to be staff/volunteer or is it going to be staff full-time. That all adds into the cost for everything."

Ramsay said the report from Chief Randy MacDonald should be ready in the next couple of months, at which time he would like to see council vote on how many stations the city will have.

With files from Natalia Goodwin