A Charlottetown sex store in the middle of a residential neighbourhood has cleared the first hurdle towards city council’s approval, but several residents have written in saying they want the business gone.

Taboo Company, an adult toy and smoke paraphernalia store, needs a variance to stay open.

On Monday, Charlottetown’s planning committee voted to recommend city council let the 19-and-older-only shop stay open, setting things up for a full council vote next week.

So far, the city has received eight letters in opposition. One neighbour's letter says the window dressings are indecent.

Amy Brewster, the sex store’s co-owner, says that's not true.

“We've never shown any type of smoking products or any adult novelty products in our window, period,” she said.

The letter mentions bottles of personal lubricant displayed in children's mugs in the window.

“There wasn't any indecent images in them and we didn't hear any complaints. Nobody had come to us letting us know that they had an issue with what we were displaying,” said Brewster.

CBC spoke to some mothers in the neighbourhood who are upset the store is near their homes and children's schools.

Rob Lantz, chair of the planning and heritage committee, said the group is suggesting the variance be approved if there are stipulations about what can be displayed in the window.

“There's no moral consideration about what type of retail operation it is," he said.

Council will vote on July 14.


  • A previous version of this story said several mothers were at the committee meeting. In fact they were not at the meeting. CBC spoke to some mothers in the neighbourhood who were concerned about the shop being in their neighbourhood.
    Jul 08, 2014 11:10 AM AT