There is no indoor space big enough for a Remembrance Day ceremony in Charlottetown, says local Legion president John Yeo. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

The president of the Charlottetown branch of the Royal Canadian Legion would not want to see the city's Remembrance Day ceremony moved inside.

This year, the Summerside branch is holdings its service at Credit Union Place, a change requested by aging veterans. Charlottetown Legion president John Yeo told CBC News Monday he has attended both types of ceremonies and he prefers marking Remembrance Day outside.

"To me, personally, it's more to reality," said Yeo.

"These guys who were in Vimy or Paschendale, they did not have the privilege of going inside. The best that they could get was either a trench, a bomb shelter or some kind of a dug-out to get out of the elements. And even in Afghanistan, when they were under fire, they just couldn't pick their shelter, they had to go dig whatever they could."

Yeo said in Charlottetown older veterans can take part in the ceremony on a bus, with a video feed, parked near the cenotaph.

Yeo also noted there isn't an indoor space large enough in Charlottetown to accommodate the number of people attending the ceremony lately. The Civic Centre holds 4,200 people, and Yeo said far more than that attend the Nov. 11 service.