Charlottetown puts up money for block parties

The City of Charlottetown is offering up $100 to pay for food and party supplies for residents willing to host 2014 block parties this summer.

Charlottetown residents hosting 2014 block parties can get $100 from city

If you feel like hosting a party for your neighbourhood this summer, the City of Charlottetown may be able to help you out.

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee says block parties will help bring neighbourhoods together. (CBC)

The city is offering up to $100 to pay for food and party supplies for residents willing to host 2014 block parties, with a total budget of about $2,000, which is being paid for by the city.

Mayor Clifford Lee said the parties are a great way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference.

"It is another opportunity for the different neighbourhoods in the city to become involved in the 2014 celebrations," said Lee.

"It is really an opportunity to bring neighbourhoods together, get them to know each other."

Lee said people throwing parties have to comply with police regulations on street closures.

The mayor noted the money will be given out after the receipts are submitted to the city on a first-come,  first-served basis until the funds run out.

"Beer is not an eligible expense. Basically the supplies that we would cover would be food, refreshments, balloons, children's' games, that type of thing," said Lee.

The parties must take place before the end of August.

 Lee said the block party project is modelled on a similar program that has been offered in Stratford.