Public works crews in Charlottetown are bracing for a wet and windy weekend as tropical storm Gabrielle, now downgraded to a tropical depression, continues to travel towards the Atlantic Provinces.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says the current path of the storm will lead to eastern Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and Newfoundland on Friday. At that time, it could be a post-tropical storm.

Gabrielle is expected to hit a separate cold front, which is also expected Friday. The two systems could bring significant rainfall. Prince Edward Island could also be drenched, forecasts show.

Gabrielle drenched Bermuda overnight, causing some power outages, but no major damage.

"We’ve been looking at our staff resources and who will be available and that sort of thing if we need any additional services," said public works manager Paul Johnston.

"Public works have gone out and rented a couple of extra chainsaws beyond some other departments just so they are at the ready if we need them, [and we are] taking a look at catch basins to try and make sure that they're as ready as possible to address rainwater."

Johnston said this time of year, debris and leaves tend to blow around and get caught in catch basins, sometimes causing flooding.

He said the staff will be monitoring the situation closely tomorrow and into Saturday.