It's been the worst winter for potholes in years, say Charlottetown taxi drivers, and it's costing them big money for repairs.

Cabbie Norman Saada said he and his fellow taxi drivers are paying the price for the condition of Charlottetown streets this year.

"Lots, lots, lots of drivers borrow money to keep going. Trust me, you can ask most drivers, they will tell you the same," said Saada.

Report a pothole

"We have to keep going. What are we going to do?"

Saada said he has been slowing down to prevent damage. With potholes covered in snow or filled with water sometimes it is impossible to avoid them. On some streets, he said, he won't go over 15 or 20 km/h.

Charlottetown public works says it is working to fill the potholes as they are reported, but permanent repairs will have to wait for the spring.

The public works department is asking the public to report any problems they see.