Charlottetown police say they are going to heighten police patrols and road checks in areas with the highest number of drunk drivers.

Officers in the capital nabbed nearly 100 drunk drivers in 2012, a seven per cent increase. The new strategy is designed to reverse that trend.

The force compiled data from the last year showing where drunk driving most often occurs in the city

"What the data has told us is that the issue we are having with impaired drivers in Charlottetown is on Friday, Saturday night and into Sunday morning and that it is happening between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. You will see an increased police presence," said Gary McGuigan, the deputy chief of police.

We will have more cars in those areas between those times and we will specifically be looking at targeting impaired drivers."

He said police will also be working with bar owners to discourage drinking and driving.

The man teaching the province's mandatory responsible beverage course said he's glad to hear it.

Jack Wheeler said he tells servers they are mandated by law to try to prevent customers from getting behind the wheel.

"The people who benefit as a provider of alcohol, the sales, have to understand that they're part of the solution as well, in ensuring that people do not get into their cars," he said.

"There has to be a greater awareness we believe."