Charlottetown city council has approved a plan to see all residents on water meters by 2019.

With the meters everyone in Charlottetown will be billed for their water based on how much they use. About 7,500 families and businesses still pay a flat fee.

Council approved a plan Tuesday night to install water meters on all homes in the city. Coun. Eddie Rice said the change promotes water conservation and will save most customers money.

“We're going to see water saved, we're going to see the public wishes fulfilled, because we've received many, many requests for metering, and it's happening,” said Rice.

“It's over a seven year period. I wish it was five, but it’s seven. We can live with seven.”

Rice said residents won't have to pay for the meters to be installed, and those that volunteered to install water meters earlier than they had to may be eligible for a refund.