Gary McGuigan says his department occasionally gets calls about intoxicated people entering the wrong house. (CBC)

A Charlottetown homeowner was surprised Tuesday night to find a stranger in his bathtub wearing just underwear and sneakers, Deputy Chief Gary McGuigan said.

Police responded to the call from the Richmond Street house at approximately 7:30 p.m. Police believe the intruder was intoxicated and said his motivations remain unclear.

"At this point we’re not sure if there was any intent to commit a crime or if the individual was disoriented or confused by either drugs and or alcohol," McGuigan said.

The homeowner had just come inside after some yardwork when he found the uninvited visitor. The man left on foot and headed north toward Grafton Street.

"At this point the owner said that the male appeared to be under the influence of something," McGuigan said.

"Police will be doing a follow-up investigation and try to gather up some information that may help us identify this individual and just to see what the motive or his reasoning for him being there was."

Alaina McAleer, a neighbourhood resident, expressed concern. "I feel kind of concerned about if it's going to happen again. It might be a bit of a shock for some people," she said.

McGuigan said that this wasn’t the first such call his department has received.

"It has turned out that sometimes the individuals have become confused because of liquor or drugs and they end up in the wrong residence," he said.

"It would be a real shock to come in and find someone unwanted in your house."

Police are continuing their investigation and interviewing neighbourhood residents.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Charlottetown police or Crime Stoppers.