An Island jewelry designer hopes to see some of his designs dangling from the ears and necks of celebrities during this year's Emmy awards.

Matt Bowness has been invited to show his jewelry at a pre-Emmy gifting suite for close to 300 celebrities this September.

Bowness started making jewelry five years ago as a hobby. His company, Overman Jewellery and Art, uses repurposed vintage items to create women's necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets.

"To actually get to take myself and the company down there and meet some of these people could just take the company to another level really."

During the event this fall celebrities will get to meet the artisans and pick which items they like. Bowness items could also be put into gift bags for television stars.

"If you go to the suite, you're going to get photographs of all these people which you can use for promotional materials, they might give you a quote. There's been people hired on the floor to do, you know, wardrobe and dressing for television shows, so it could be huge," said Bowness.


Mat Bowness started making jewellery five years ago as a hobby, now it's taking him to Los Angeles. (CBC)


Nathalie Dubois is the promoter who invited Bowness to the pre-Emmy gifting suite after seeing his work at Atlantic Fashion Week.

"We placed some pictures on our Facebook, in five minutes we had people who commented, including actresses who said 'Oh this is something I will wear on the red carpet.' So I knew I was not wrong when I chose to approach him."

But getting to the Emmy suite comes with a price tag. The fee ranges from $1,500 up to $22,000.

Bowness isn't allowed to say how much it cost him to be in a tent with celebrities.

Now he's relying on P.E.I.'s busy tourist season to raise money for his trip and publicity is already mounting.

Tess Prendergast heard about his designs on the radio.

"I thought the work was interesting, took note of the website, but hearing about the Emmys made me come in the store when we came to Charlottetown. That's for sure."

Bowness is not the only Atlantic artist who'll get some star studded exposure this fall.

Two other designers from Nova Scotia are also considering the trip to the Primetime Emmy Awards.