Fewer beds are closing this summer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital than last year, according to Health PEI.

Some hospitals close down a number of beds for a few weeks during the summer to allow staff to take vacations.

Eleven beds will be closing at the province's largest hospital between July 20 and August 17, compared to 24 in the summer of 2011.

Emergency surgical services are expected to remain fully operational during the summer months.

Keith Dewar, CEO of Health PEI, said the hospital was able to better staff units this summer.

"Through that process we've been able to provide better staffing across a number of our units and services across the health system, and reallocate work. So we are starting to fill the vacancies that used to exist there," he said.

"There is also more recruitment going on, so we continue to bring in more staff. And there is also some good work going on around the retention side."

There won't be any bed closures at the hospitals in Souris, Montague, Tyne Valley or O'Leary.

The Prince County Hospital will see 12 bed closures from July 20 to August17, and the Western Hospital will close three beds.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital also closed beds over the Christmas holidays.