Pasteurized lobster

BIO|FOOD|TECH is receiving $670,000 in taxpayer money for new pasteurization equipment. It will help companies extend the shelf life of seafood, like lobster.

A Charlottetown-based food technology and bio-processing development company is buying more specialized equipment with the help of $670,000 in taxpayer money.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is contributing $500,000 for new equipment to BIO|FOOD|TECH, with the province chipping in another $170,000.

The 25-year-old company is buying pasteurization equipment it will use to help the seafood industry develop new products.

“What we're looking for was a pasteurizer that would be versatile, that would allow us to do a whole range of different products using either steam or hot water,” said Jim Smith, the executive director of BIO|FOOD|TECH.

“And to have the temperature very controllable so that we can create a product which has got a long shelf life and still retains the excellent taste properties of the product that we’re working on, in this case lobster.”

The company says it will buy up to a dozen new pieces of equipment. It should be in place by the end of the year.