Charlottetown Event Grounds needs new markets

A Charlottetown city councillor would like to see the new Charlottetown Event Grounds get more use.
The Charlottetown Event Grounds would like to install two electronic signs. (CBC)

A Charlottetown city councillor would like to see the new Charlottetown Event Ground get more use.

The site hosted three events this summer — the Big Red Music Festival, the P.E.I. Shellfish Festival, and the P.E.I. Beerfest — but Coun. Eddie Rice says it is not being used enough.

"They can't all be 15,000-participant events," said Rice.

Charlottetown Coun. Eddie Rice would like to see some mid-sized events at the grounds.

"When you look at Farmers in the City, the whole street on Queen Street was filled and that was great. But, I mean, there's many events I'm sure that have 5,000 people. Where do they go? Have we not answered that question yet?"

The site has been continually upgraded this summer in a bid to make it more attractive to event organizers. There is more parking and better pedestrian access, and the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation is now looking to install two electronic signs.

"We want to have a facility that would allow for either community-based groups or private promoters that are interested in doing events," said CADC CEO Ron Waite.

But Waite warned there is a clear limit to how many events the grounds will host.

"There's only a certain amount of events you can do in a year, because the market is just not there for 10 or 12 events," he said.

If approved, the new signage would cost about $100,000. The CADC says after that the Charlottetown Event Grounds will be complete.


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