Charlottetown shopping

Merchants in downtown Charlottetown are trying to attract customers. (CBC)

Merchants in downtown Charlottetown are coming up with new ideas to draw in business and jump start the holiday shopping season.

Stores are banding together with Black Friday deals. They’re also offering a new incentive: customers could win any item in any store by snapping a picture of it and uploading it.

It’s all meant to draw shoppers away from the big box stores across town.

"A lot of people find shopping downtown is a lot more relaxed affair than standing in line," said Sue Smith, with the store Comic Hunter.

It also shows how tight-knit the downtown business community is.

"We communicate, share each other's Tweets, and stuff like that,” said Nathan Clark, owner of Courtside Sneakers. “As far as I can tell, it's a pretty good community down here."