Prime Minister Stephen Harper presenting Elizabeth Jeffery with her award. (Prime Minister's Office)

The owner of the Little Wonders Child Care Centre in Charlottetown is one of only ten Canadians to receive an award this year from Prime Minister Stephen Harper for excellence in early childcare education.

Elizabeth Jeffery couldn't believe it when she heard she had won.

"I was absolutely positive I had no chance of winning this award," said Jeffery. "It's very prestigious. There's a really strong criteria that you have to meet."

Jeffery has been taking care of more than 40 children a year at Little Wonders for more than two decades. She says it's a passion for her, which makes it easy going to work each day.

"I thought that actually they were calling to say, you know, 'Thanks for playing please try again.' Kind of like the Tim's Roll Up the Rim to Win," said Jeffery. "So it was all a bit of a surprise and then I spent the next two days waiting for them to call back and say it was a mistake."

Only one other Islander has ever received this level of recognition.