The City of Charlottetown wants residents to use less water. (CBC)

The City of Charlottetown has a new campaign to get people to ease up on their water consumption.

The campaign is called "Be Water Friendly."

The average Charlottetown resident uses 305 litres of water a day, according to the city. It hopes to reduce that amount to 260 litres a day.

Conserving tips

  • Cut out lawn watering completely — allow your grass to grow a bit longer to retain water
  • Defrost foods in the refrigerator or in the microwave rather than under running water
  • Don't let the water run continuously when rinsing dishes or washing vegetables
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, washing your face and shaving
  • Use a bucket and sponge rather than a hose if you wash your car
  • Replace faucets and appliances with newer low-flow or low-energy ones

In 2010, 6,703,744 cubic metres of water pumped from the Winter River basin (1 cubic metres of water = 1,000 litres) and 1,989,540 cubic metres of that water was for single-family homes.

Ramona Doyle, coordinator of the Charlottetown Water Conservation Program, said conserving water can include "washing your vegetables in a bowl rather than letting the water run."

"You can shorten your shower by a minute," she added. "A minute may not seem like a lot, but over a period of time that does add up."

The city uses 92 per cent of its water source from the Winter River watershed.

City residents will get a postcard in the mail with a water saving tip.