Sections of road are being torn up all around Charlottetown as part of a $19 million renovation of the city’s water and sewer system.

The city is installing new pipes because the old system combined the water and sewer into one pipe.

In heavy rain, the system overflows and pollutes the Charlottetown Harbour.

"The concern is a bacteria and a virus concern and how those might impact on the quality and the health food safety side of shellfish stock," said Craig Walker of Charlottetown Water and Sewer.

Oyster Fishermen haven’t been able to fish when there are overflow problems.

Over the years, they’ve lost as much as five weeks of fishing because of heavy rain.

"There’s a couple of times I was out fishing, and the fish wardens came out and I had to dump my catch because it was closed," said Stan Casey.

Not only is there a need to help the fishermen, but new federal rules for waterways require municipalities to make changes.

Charlottetown must put in about 12½ kilometres of new pipe. 

Crews are working in the Springpark area now.

Walker said they understand some people will be disturbed by the noise and detours.

"We beg their patience with us as we go through their neighbourhoods and we'll do everything we can to move along as quickly as we can."

The city hopes to complete the project by November 2014.