A new initiative called Take Control was announced in Charlottetown to try to get more home-owners to switch to water meters — a move that could reduce water consumption.

Charlottetown wants 1,000 households to move to a metered system by the end of this year. So far, 300 homeowners have signed up.

The City will cover the $200 cost of the meter installation. 

Research indicates a water meter could save an average of four cubic metres per customer per month.  

The City will track water reduction by monitoring water meters until its goal of 48 million litres has been achieved.  

Progress will be posted regularly on a special Take Control sign located next to Charlottetown's historic Malpeque Road Water Works station.

Water and Sewer Committee Chair Eddie Rice said most bills should decrease. If they don't, he said the City will refund the difference.

"It’ll be five years before the whole city is completed. 2019 is the due date for it to be completed, so hopefully, we'll get the thousand that we're expecting.”

Customers who are already metered can also benefit under the new program.

If they encourage others to switch to a meter, they can receive $25 per referral, to a maximum of three for a $75 discount on their water bill.

Progress will also be posted at www.BeWaterFriendly.com, a website that also includes more information on the Take Control program, a range of conservation tips, and an online water usage calculator to help customers gauge their household water consumption.