The intersection leading into Charlottetown Airport can get busy. (Google Street View)

The City of Charlottetown wants to make some major changes to the busy intersection leading into the airport.

Three years ago a traffic study on the intersection suggested putting in a roundabout or a set of lights. The airport authority has been pushing for the work to get done. Coun. Terry Bernard, chair of the public works committee, agrees it is necessary.

"The flights come in and there's a lot of airport traffic trying to leave; there's congestion at that intersection," said Bernard.

"We made the commitment that we would look at the intersection. We will try and make changes, and we do plan on moving with this particular intersection when the funding permits."

Putting in traffic lights or a roundabout would cost about $1 million. Funding would be needed from all three levels of government, and Bernard said it won't be available until 2014.