A number of non-profit groups on P.E.I. are in an unplanned competition to gather the pennies as the use of Canada's lowest value coin is phased out.

The PEI Humane Society is running Pennies for Paws, one of several campaigns on the Island encouraging people to pass their last pennies to charity.


Charities across the province are sorting through bags of pennies. (CBC)

"We thought it was the perfect tie-in to revitalize our donation jars," said Sophie Ball.

The Humane Society was not the first with the idea. Habitat for Humanity started its penny drive last spring as soon as the federal government announced the penny was on its way out. Executive director Susan Zambonin said it's a fight to the penny's finish.

"Just walking through a mall or going to a hospital, there's pennies everywhere. Everyone's collecting them," said Zambonin.

P.E.I.'s Easter Seal Society just launched its Penny Power campaign Monday, but argues it is not late into the game. Islander Jessie Hippenstall has raised thousands of dollars with penny drives over the last 10 years.

Campaign co-chair Stephen Cudmore hopes the end of the penny won't mean the end of Jessie's efforts.

"We all joked how much more money Jessie is going to be able to raise because she'll be collecting silver instead of copper," said Cudmore.