A tender has been issued by the Resort Municipality of Stanley Bridge, Hope River, Bayview, Cavendish and North Rustico to get an assessment of its infrastructure, including its wooden walkways and sidewalks.

Resort Municipality Chair Matthew Jelley say increasing maintenance costs prompted council to identify the project as a priority.

Matthew Jelley

Matthew Jelley chairs the Resort Municipality and says the wooden walkways will be assessed for safety and future maintenance. (CBC)

"So, it's really to get an inventory - there's about 4.8 kilometres of walkway in the community — to get an inventory of what we have and the differences between the different sections," said Jelley.

Most of the walkways are in Cavendish and in Bayview.

Jelley says some of the wooden walkways are built over gravel, over asphalt or built over an existing ditch and in some cases are 20 years old. Council wants to make the sure current infrastructure is safe and easy to maintain.

He adds the assessment would provide the municipality a future roadmap on how they would continue to upgrade, eventually expand and if, expanded, what would be the priorities.

Jelley said the funding from the project will come from the gas tax revenue received by the community.

"The real cost would be as we start to replace and upgrade sections of the walkway."

Jelley says they want to make the sure current infrastructure is safe and easy to maintain.

Jelley added council hoped to have the assessment report completed by summer and work completed by spring 2017.