The P.E.I. resort town of Cavendish is offering all-inclusive style family vacations this summer, and they are proving to be a hit with Maritime families.

The packages include unlimited access to attractions in the area with accommodation. For Sandi Lowther, who rents out cottages in Cavendish, the promotion is a hit. She's already seen a big impact on her early season bookings.


Families around the Maritimes are getting a look at new all-inclusive style holidays offered by Cavendish tourism operators. (CBC)

"Looking at a chart like this the end of June, we've not experienced it before," said Lowther.

The promotion is aimed, in particular, at Maritime families, who have been coming to vacation on the Island in smaller numbers in recent years.

"There hasn't been that focus on the family, the regional family, in terms of direct marketing. So we developed this," said Lowther.

Mike Forrest, vice-president of Cavendish, Beaches and the Dune Shores Tourism Association, said the family market is critical to tourism in the area. The association spent $65,000 on a regional marketing campaign to let families know about the promotion.

"This is an opportunity to think outside the box," said Forrest.


Sandi Lowther has seen a big jump in bookings for the early season. (CBC)

"What do people want when they're coming on vacation now?"

Cavendish tourism operators believe the answer to that question is all-inclusive style holidays, because they've been losing out to beach resorts in the Caribbean.

Lowther said the feedback she's been getting from customers suggests Cavendish is getting it right.

"When we say how did you find out about us and why did you select this particular package, and they're telling us that they know exactly what they're going to spend as a family," she said.

The package deals are being offered on most weekdays from mid-June to mid-July. They do not include food and beverages.