The french-fry producer Cavendish Farms has detailed plans to build a biofuel plant in the central P.E.I. town of Kensington.

At an information session in the town this week, the Irving-owned companyoutlinedhow the plant would recycle spent cooking oils, starch and sludge from the waste-water plantto fuel its potato processing operation.

Spent materials will decompose in tanks for up to three months to create methane gas.

Use of the more environmentally friendly biofuel will limit the amount of bunker C fuel oil currently in use.

Bunker C fuel oil is the most sticky and thick of the residual fuels, and is typically used by ships, industrial boilers and power generating stations.

The plant will be built on a four-hectare site on Indian River Road and is expected to be ready for operation by next fall.

The province has already approved a $14-million loan to the company for the project.