The P.E.I. Humane Society is overcrowded with cats, and it won't be accepting any more for at least two weeks.

"All my cages are filled. All my foster homes are filled. Every office down in the basement that have people working in it has cats in it," said adoption and intake councillor Erin Mullen.

"When they come in I just don't have anywhere to put them."

The Humane Society, which is the only animal shelter on P.E.I., is trying to deal with the problem by holding an adoption-by-donation event. All male cats and kittens will be available for a suggested minimum donation of $25. Normally it costs $195 to adopt a kitten and $145 to adopt an adult cat. Most female cats are not included in the deal, as the Society has many more males right now.

Mullen said there are about 85 cats in the shelter. She said summer is always a busy time of year.