More cats at the P.E.I. Humane Society are enjoying living in larger, updated kennels.

Last year, the group bought eight of the updated kennels.

This year, the Humane Society raised $18,000, enough money to buy an additional 12 new, larger kennels.

Kelly Mullaly, the group's executive director, said the new kennels have separate areas for the cat's food and litter box and are twice the size of the old ones.

She said that means a less stressed, healthier cat.

"We can see that there's less of an incidence of upper respiratory infection, or a cat cold that the cats will often get in a shelter. They get stressed, there's a lot of animals around. It's definitely decreased since we've seen these cats come in. And adopters like them too, it really shows the animals off beautifully," she said.

Mullaly said using the new kennels can often mean the animals are adopted more quickly.