NDP Leader James Rodd attacked the Liberals in a press conference Friday about not coming up with a catastrophic drug plan. (CBC)

The PEI Health Charities Network released the responses Friday from the political parties to its call for a catastrophic drug program.

Marla Delaney, public issues manager for the Canadian Cancer Society on P.E.I. said overall she is pleased with the positions, with all the parties recognizing the importance of a program.

She noted the Conservatives have committed to bringing in a catastrophic drug program within the first two years of a mandate.

The Green Party, the New Democrats and the Island Party have also said they will bring one in.

Delaney said she was disappointed with the Liberal response.

"It's disappointing to see that the Liberal party is leaning on federal support and talking about looking at the health accord in 2014, because we believe this is an immediate issue," said Delaney.

"It is a concern that is happening now that needs to be addressed."

Delaney said Islanders should think about the responses when they cast a vote and also think about their neighbours who may be struggling not only with illness, but also with the financial strain of trying to pay for their medications.

Meanwhile, NDP Leader James Rodd held a news conference Friday on the issue.

He said Liberal Party Leader Robert Ghiz and Health and Wellness Minister Carolyn Bertram have failed sick and dying Islanders in their hour of need by not delivering on a catastrophic drug program.