Trooper was found frozen to a driveway in Stephenville Crossing, NL, on Feb. 11. (CBC)

Trooper, the cat found frozen to a driveway on Newfoundland's west coast earlier this month, has been flown to P.E.I. for surgery at Charlottetown's Atlantic Veterinary College.

Trooper spent more than 24 hours stuck to a driveway in Stephenville Crossing before being rescued and turned over to the Bay St. George animal shelter. The cat was flown to P.E.I. with Gwen Samms, the shelter manager, on Sunday.

Trooper was at the Atlantic Vet College undergoing tests Monday morning. He needs surgery for three fractures to his pelvic area.

Samms has been collecting donations to help pay for all the expenses related to the care of Trooper, and has received them from as far away as Australia. The Comfort Inn has offered Samms free accommodations while she's in Charlottetown.