Trooper, the cat found frozen to a driveway, and his caretaker Gwen Samms are returning home to Newfoundland. (CBC)

A cat brought to P.E.I. for surgery after being found frozen to a driveway in Stephenville Crossing, Newfoundland, is heading home Sunday.

When Trooper was discovered two weeks ago, rescuers had to use warm water to free him after he had been stuck to the driveway for 24 hours. 

He was flown to the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown for surgery to repair a broken pelvis.

One leg also had to be amputated due to severe frostbite and he underwent surgery on Wednesday to remove his tail. It was also damaged by the cold.

His caretaker Gwen Samms of the SPCA in Stephenville said Trooper came through all the surgeries well.

He's getting around on three legs. And he has mostly recovered control of his bladder, which had suffered nerve damage.

"A three-legged animal can have a great quality of life," said Samms.

"Once he gets used to three legs there'll be no slowing him down, he'll be just fine."

Trooper will live in a foster home until his recovery is complete.

Trooper has become a minor celebrity. A Facebook page has raised $9,000 for Trooper's care. The goal is $15,000.