A P.E.I. man says there needs to be warnings on a product he used to weatherproof his chimney, after his cat died shortly after he had finished using it.

Percy Affleck told CBC News he treated his chimney last month with Weather Shield Waterproofer from Home Hardware. When he was done he rinsed the brush and dumped the water on his driveway.

Gus the cat

Gus the cat died, and the suspected cause is ethylene glycol poisoning. (Submitted by Percy Affleck)

His cat Gus was close by. Affleck did not see it, but believes the cat lapped up that water chemical mixture. Nine hours later, he said, his cat died.

The product contains ethylene glycol, which is poisonous to dogs and cats.

"I'm positive that's what caused the problem because he was healthy when he went out and he didn't go anywheres else. He was hardly out of my sight," said Affleck.

"It's a known fact that ethylene glycol is attractive to animals. It has a somewhat sweet taste."

Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Reid treated Affleck's cat and believes that's why it died.

"Based on the symptoms that the cat had, most likely that is what the cause was," said Reid.

Affleck said he shouldn't have done the cleanup outside but he didn't know the product contained ethylene glycol. He's angry and believes there should be more warnings on the Waterproofer container.

Home Hardware says the product follows Canadian chemical and container regulations. The company says it is two per cent ethylene glycol, a level that's not considered harmful or toxic. Still, Affleck wants to warn other pet owners and complain to the company and government about his belief that there needs to be better labels.


  • Percy Affleck used Waterproofer on his chimney, not on his deck.
    Oct 03, 2013 1:45 PM AT