About three dozen cars, trucks, camper vans and motorcycles were destroyed in a fire in Brackley Beach on P.E.I.'s North Shore late last week.

The vehicles were being stored for the winter in a warehouse that burned to the ground early Friday morning. Fire officials say the steel building had collapsed on itself, making it almost impossible to put the fire out.

Louise Vessey lost her convertible, nicknamed Guinness.

"I was like, oh no, my car," said Vessey.

Vehicle warehouse fire

The metal building collapsed in on itself, making the fire almost impossible to extinguish. (CBC)

"It meant a lot to me sentimentally. I mean it's just a car, life goes on, and there's far worse things that can happen. But it still kind of sucked."

Building owner Barry Cudmore has checked the building every day for years. He said he has no idea what could have caused this fire.

"I always treated the things as being very special to me when they were here," said Cudmore.

The fire was especially shocking to him, he said, because he lost his house to fire during the White Juan blizzard of 2004, and he feels for the vehicle owners.

"Getting that call that they weren't expecting to get, certainly floored some people too," he said.

Cudmore is still searching for some vehicle owners to break the news.

Cudmore said all the vehicle owners had to sign a deal when they first agreed to store car there, saying he was not responsible if there was a fire there. He believes they all had their own insurance.