A carrot rot fungus has moved from striking carrots in storage to affecting them while they're still in the field, and a P.E.I. researcher is hoping to find a treatment.

Agriculture Canada researcher Michelle MacDonald first found carrot rot in P.E.I. fields two years ago, and it struck some farmers hard. In that year, MacDonald said, up to 70 per cent of the crop in some fields couldn't be sold as fresh produce.


Agriculture Canada researcher Michelle MacDonald hopes to find a fungicide that is effective against carrot rot this summer. (CBC)

"Those carrots can be salvaged but the economic profit I guess is less. It can hurt the farmers," she said.

"The P.E.I. Vegetable Growers Co-op Association, they actually reported over double the amount of rejected carrots in 2011 than they had in seasons prior."

Since then, MacDonald has been testing different fungicides on carrot plants. She hopes to find one that is effective against the fungus this summer.