A group in Charlottetown is hoping it can sign up enough people to launch a car share network.

With car sharing, a service that already exists in other parts of Canada and around the world, members pay a fee to share cars that are parked in central locations. It's cheaper than regular car rentals and much cheaper than owning a car.


Aaron Lewis is going over maps trying to work out the best locations for car share vehicles in Charlottetown. (CBC)

"You have all the advantages of owning a car but at a fraction of the price, and for the environment,  for each car that's shared it's 10 cars that come off the road," said Aaron Lewis, one of the people behind Carshare PEI.

"It's huge advantages in terms of CO2 emissions and also just for more livable cities."

About 900 people belong to the car share Halifax, and Moncton has signed up 350 people for a service that could start there in the fall. About 100 members would be needed to start car sharing in Charlottetown.

The group hopes to have three cars and designated parking spaces for them by next spring.

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