A Morell business owner will be paying out of his own pocket after vandals struck his car dealership.

A total of 44 tires on 18 vehicles were slashed over the long weekend at Charlottetown Truck and Recreation. The tires can't be repaired, and owner Herman James is facing a $15,000 bill to replace them all.


Herman James will have to pay for the slashed tires and the expense of a new security camera system. (CBC)

"[Morell is] a small community, It's more like a big family. Around here, everybody knows each other," said James.

"That's the worst part about something like this. You just don't think anybody would ever do something like this."

James will also be paying out for a new security camera system on the property.

"It's darker around this place here, so they could come in the darkness and you know, do their dirty deed," he said.


The tires cannot be repaired. (CBC)

"As long as they're hiding between the vehicles, people probably wouldn't see them when they're driving by. That's why we're going to have to get cameras installed here now in the next day or so."

Police say the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information can contact the Kings District RCMP or Crime Stoppers.