Charlottetown police are investigating an accident on St Peters Road Thursday morning that sent a parked car flying into a nearby house.

Motorists are advised a section of the St. Peter's Road in Sherwood is closed while the investigation is underway.

A vehicle travelling into Charlottetown left the road and hit a parked car. The parked car became airborne and struck the house next door before coming to rest upside down on top of two cars in a neighbour's driveway. The original vehicle landed on its side in the front yard of the duplex.

Police say the driver of the vehicle took off and was gone before they could arrive. A dog team was called in, but the suspected driver of the vehicle has not been found.

Police are investigating an accident and say they may have to wait until it is light before opening the road.


A parked car was knocked out of its driveway and flew into a neighbour's house, where it came to rest on top of two other vehicles. (Mitch Cormier/CBC)