A tourism operator in Georgetown, P.E.I., will soon be selling tourists cans of Island sand and fog.

Perry Gotell, the owner of Tranquility Cove Adventures, said he has ordered one thousand cans that he will be filling. 

"People just want to take something home as a keepsake," he said.

He said the sand is coming from a stock pile from a dredging project on P.E.I. so nothing is taken from a beach. 

"We have a couple of cases of sand done already and it didn't even take a five gallon bucket," said Gotell. "So what we're talking about is a very, very low amount of sand."

Gotell said he will be collecting the fog himself.

"On the foggy days you'll see me down at the end of the wharf with my can arm. We'll be canning P.E.I. fog and we'll be selling that to the tourists also," he said.

The fog cans, he said, will be small.

"We don't want to get it so that when they open up a can, that you can't see your way around a room."

Gottell says they offer water and beach adventures.

Gotell hasn't set a price yet but he expects the cans of sand or fog will sell for between $5 and $10.

He expects to have them ready for market by the middle of May.