There's no need for teachers to forgo their professional development day this coming Friday, says the P.E.I. Teachers' Federation.

Gilles Arsenault -custom

Monitoring has shown classes are keeping up with the curriculum despite storm days, says P.E.I. Teachers' Federation president Gilles Arsenault.

Earlier this month, Education Minister Alan McIsaac suggested dropping Friday's PD day to make up for lost class time due to storm days. Students have lost 12 days to storms this school year. A PD day April 4 was already cancelled, and adding a day to the school year has also been discussed.

But P.E.I. Teachers' Federation president Gilles Arsenault told CBC News monitoring shows cancelling Friday's union PD day isn't necessary.

"We were assured and reassured by the boards, and by the teachers and the principals, that that was the case. It was not an exceptional year, and that teachers were able to adjust," said Arsenault.

"The curriculum is being covered and the teachers are adjusting very well in covering what they need to cover. We don't only have this year as well, most of our students would have between a year and 11 years left to catch up."

On Friday teachers will gather at Colonel Gray, West Isle and Evangeline schools to vote in new union executive, and debate and vote on resolutions for the coming year.

Arsenault said it's mandatory for teachers to attend. A sign-in sheet of signatures is sent to the board following the event.

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