HMCS Charlottetown brought aid to a Pakistani fishing vessel adrift in the Arabian Sea on Friday.


HMCS Charlottetown picked up a distress call on the evening of Jan. 24 from a fishing vessel that had run out of fuel near Pakistan. A crew from the Charlottetown filled the vessel's tanks. ((Cpl. Robert LeBlanc/Formation Imaging Services, Halifax))

Crew members on the frigate, which is in the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea area as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, were monitoring the radio on Jan. 24 when a distress call came from a fishing boat adrift off the coast of Pakistan.

The Charlottetown, which is based in Halifax, headed to the area of the call and placed a crew and interpreter in a smaller boat, which went to the fishing ship.

The captain of the drifting boat, which had a crew of 18 on board, told the Canadian sailors he was out of fuel and not able to get the ship to port. He said he had given some of his own supply to another fishing boat that was running low.

The Charlottetown gave the fishing boat enough fuel to allow it to sail into port safely.