Canada Post met with Charlottetown municipal officials and local businesses Thursday morning as part of national discussions about the future of the mail service.

The Crown corporation is holding meetings across the country to discuss how it can best adjust to the new realities of how people communicate.


There is no question times have changed, says John Farnand of Canada Post, the only question is how the Crown corporation will adapt. (CBC)

"Everybody gets it. Times have changed," said John Farnand, Vice-President of Engineering and Postal Transformation for Canada Post.

"People have already changed their mailing habits: more electronic funds transfers, more ordering online as opposed to sending in a bill or an invoice or an order in the mail. Those changes have already occurred and we expect will continue."

Canada Post is looking at several possible changes, such as reducing mail delivery from five days a week to three, eliminating home delivery, and creating a more centralized mail sorting system.

In April, a report by the Conference Board of Canada suggested fundamental changes to the postal service are needed.