The provincial government is teaming up with local business to encourage Islanders to eat more lobster.

This is the fourth year of the Love Our Lobster Campaign.

The goal is to convince people that lobster isn't just a meal for special occasions.

"It's great to help our fishermen," said Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley.

"Eat as much lobster as you possibly can because every time a lobster goes up a nickel, it's worth $1 million to the province of Prince Edward Island."

Richard Watts, a fisherman from Covehead Harbour, said most people don't consider lobster a staple in their diet, and he'd love to see that change.

"Every lobster that's sold locally is lobster that doesn't have to be handled through processors, and the fishermen might end up getting a little better shore price," he said.

The campaign will host contests and events through the month of May.