Joe Peters

Several people were taken to hospital after butane explosion in Summerside, says Sgt. Joe Peters. (CBC)

Summerside police have issued a warning following a drug bust Sunday where they found butane was being used for drug processing in a home lab.

A 29-year-old Summerside man faces a number of drug-related charges following a bust at an apartment on Chelsey court. Police say they seized marijuana, hashish, hydromorphone, money, scales and a cell phone.

Sgt. Joe Peters said of particular concern was a lab using butane as a solvent in the production of marijuana oil. Peters warned butane is highly flammable and this method of producing marijuana oil has caused a number of explosions and fires across Canada.

"Anytime you come across something like this where it has a potential to be a danger not only to that residence, but to the neighbourhood, it concerns us," said Peters.

"They are using it, you know, on top of the stove sort of thing. And there's no controls usually in place and [if] the temperatures exceed a certain limit, there is a very strong possibility of an explosion."

Peters says a few years ago several people were taken to hospital in Summerside after an explosion involving butane.