Five stores and offices in the north of Charlottetown remain closed more than a week after a fire at Repeat Quality Used Family Clothing, and will probably stay closed for close to another month.

Charlottetown's deputy fire chief has ruled the fire accidental, although he hasn't determined an exact cause yet.

Dalia Lino

Dalia Lino is sorting through her grocery store after the fire to see what can be salvaged, but all the food has to go. (CBC)

Staff and owners have been cleaning and sorting through supplies, deciding what can be salvaged from the smoke damage and what has to be thrown out.

Dalia Lino, owner of the Philippine, African, South Asian Grocery store, said the closure will cause big problems for her.

"For the insurance, they only cover for the food that I lost. But the rest is all my loss, especially all the equipment, some of my freezers and everything," said Lino.

"I lose lots of money, and my time, and the fact that I close for a few months. There is no income and the bills are coming and I don't know what to do."

Barry Balderston, who owns both the building and Owl's Hollow, another business that operates there, said repairs should begin soon.

He said it will likely be more than a month before tenants will be able to move back in.