Grey days have put a damper on the start of the tourist season on Prince Edward Island.

With the spring lobster season over, Captain Mark Jenkins has opened up his tour boat business.


It's been a slow start to the season at Shirley Younker's snack bar in Brackley Beach. (CBC)

"Now we got the summer here, we're going to take it easy in the sunshine, and meet a lot of people from all over the world, and share our experience with them," said Jenkins.

Jenkins had a good start with a full boat for his first day earlier this week, but it was a smaller crowd on Tuesday. Ken and Mai Ling went out for a ride, but would have been happier with a warmer day.

"It's pretty cold," said Mai Ling.

"It's like 20 degrees lower than China right now."

Other tourism operators are also noticing a slow start. Cool wet weather kept many away from high profile events like Atlanticade and Big Red Fest over the Canada Day weekend. On Tuesday there were only a handful of customers at Shirley Younker's popular snack bar in Brackley Beach.

"It's been really cold, so far this year, but it'll pick up I hope. This year's not as busy as last year," said Younker

A change in the weather is expected. The sun is expected to show its face later on Wednesday and the temperatures will climb into the high 20s on Thursday and stay there through the weekend. There are still, however, plenty of showers predicted over the next few days.

For mobile device users: How are you coping with the damp, cool weather so far this summer?