The P.E.I. government is surveying 2,500 companies across the Island, seeking new information on how to help those businesses to grow.

Kal Whitnell, senior director of economic and labour research with the Department of Innovation, said the survey will provide the province with a better understanding of what sectors are providing employment on the Island, and what services would help employers to hire even more people.

"There are a number of questions on labour force and labour market issues, hiring and then tracking employees, [understanding] if there are any skill gaps in trying to attract employees," said Whitnell.

"We are also trying to collect some additional information on local and foreign markets, and that's really around the trade and export side of things."

Researchers at UPEI have been hired to help with the on-line survey. Whitnell said the information will be used to shape government labour policy and to develop programs to provide support for Island businesses.

The results should be known by the end of March.