The buses will continue to run between Cornwall and Charlottetown, Cornwall town council decided Wednesday night.

The debate over whether to keep Cornwall bus service has gone on for months. Last December the council voted to cancel bus service at the end of June, but that decision was reversed in a revote Wednesday.

Marlene Hunt

Coun. Marlene Hunt said she has spoken with many in Cornwall who don't take the bus, but support the service. (CBC)

"It will relieve a lot of extra stress for people that have disabilities," said Nancy Riley.

But it was a frustrating night for deputy mayor Corey Frizzell, who voted to stop the contract both times.

"This contract is way too much money for the Town of Cornwall. We can`t sustain it," said Frizzell.

"It's $80,000 this year. Next year, going forward, it could be much higher, much higher because the buses need to be replaced."

Frizzell said the vote will mean adding $40,000 to the town's deficit.

He noted average rider numbers are fewer than 20 people a day taking a roundtrip to Charlottetown.

But Coun. Marlene Hunt, the service's biggest booster, said the town has a responsibility to provide transit to those who need it.

"Many people don't use the Terry Fox Sports Centre or the recreation programs but we all support it and we all believe in it," said Hunt.

"It's similar with transit. I've had people in Cornwall approach me and say I don't use transit, I probably never will, but I want it here."

Cornwall resident Linda Bain, who campaigned to keep the buses going, said the service is not advertised enough, and believes it could be a success.

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