A bus damaged Tuesday evening after hitting roadwork in Charlottetown can't be repaired, says the owner of Charlottetown Transit.

The bus was travelling on Queen Street when it came over a lip in the pavement where roadwork is being done and punctured its fuel tank.

Mike Cassidy said the damage was much worse than he first thought and the vehicle will have to be replaced. He said the fuel tank came up through the floor of the bus.

Mike Cassidy

The bus that hit roadwork in Charlottetown is beyond repair, says Mike Cassidy. (CBC)

"The membranes on the outside of the bus have been impaired. The floor is damaged," said Cassidy.

"The full holder of the tank is driven right up over the rear axle of the bus and the brake chambers. So at this point, we feel that the bus will never, never see the light of day or be on the road again."      

Diesel fuel spilled down the street about half a block where it collected in a pool. Firefighters used an absorbent material to clean that up. 

Cassidy said he's talking with his insurance adjusters but he knows he's facing a large deductible.

He hopes to meet soon with city officials to see what measures can be put in place to prevent this from happening again.