A workplace accident Monday afternoon involving a Coast Tire employee who was injured by part of a burst truck tire rim is being investigated by provincial occupational health and safety officials.

The worker was injured while repairing a tire on a large truck at the side of the road, said Bill Reid, director of occupational health and safety with the Workers Compensation Board of PEI.

"They brought out a replacement tire and they were installing it at that point. It was a split-rim-type tire which has the potential of blowing the rim off the tire under pressure and apparently that's what happened," said Reid.

The man was hit with a piece of the rim, said Reid.

He was sent to hospital with injuries to his arm and legs.

Occupational health and safety officials have not had a chance to interview the man yet, but have spoken with other people who were on the scene.

The investigation is expected to take a few weeks to complete.