The president of the Atlantic Beef Products plant in Albany, P.E.I. says changes will likely be made after two workers were injured by a spooked bull Wednesday.

The two men were trying to move the animal to the harvesting area. One of the men was squeezed by the bull between a gate and a wall. The second man was also pinned. Company president Paul De Jonge said the plant is reviewing its policy when dealing with this type of animal .

"It is going to have to be something with the scheduling of this type of animal to come into the plant," said De Jonge.

"I'm pretty sure that this is going to be something that, when bulls are delivered to the plant, that they are going to be led up to the harvest room immediately from their receiving point rather than those animals being in the barn for any length of time."

De Jonge believes that change would reduce the amount of time bulls are in the plant, and therefore reduce the chances of being spooked.

The two workers both went to hospital but are now at home. De Jonge said their injuries are not serious and they will likely be back at work in the next few days.

Occupational health and safety officials are continuing their investigation into the accident.