Provincial fire marshal Dave Blacquiere says Tuesday's fire should serve as a reminder to keep ductwork clean of lint buildup. ((CBC))

A fire that forced a family from their home in North Rustico Tuesday evening was caused by the buildup of lint inside ductwork in the dryer.

"The lint that gets caught up and clinging to the duct work eventually falls back down into the dryer and this is what caught on fire here," said provincial fire marshal Dave Blacquiere.

"The homeowners were home at the time, became aware of the situation because of a smoke alarm operating, went down to take a look [and] attempted to take care of business. It was moving rather rapidly."

Blacquiere said the smoke forced everyone out of the home.

A broken water line leading to the house acted like a sprinkler system helping to contain the fire to the dryer area. However, there was smoke and water damage throughout the house.

The Canadian Red Cross provided the family with emergency shelter.

Blacquiere said the incident should serve as a reminder to homeowners that they should take the time to clean inside the dryer ductwork.