Agriculture Canada is tearing down some old buildings at its experimental farm in Charlottetown this week.

The buildings are up to 80 years old and haven't been used for years.

"No one likes to see the eye sore of the old buildings on the property," said Jamie Coffin, regional engineer with Agriculture Canada.

"We've had a lot of vandalism over the years where basically vacant buildings were broken into. It's really a concern that with the amount of traffic and the people of Charlottetown on the property that come enjoy the property as a whole, that the buildings are really unsafe to be around or to be inside for sure. So they've been locked up for the last four or five years, and we're trying to remove them from property."

Agriculture Canada plans to take down a total of 10 derelict buildings on the property at a cost of $700,000. While the work is expensive it will mean lower costs for operating the farm in the long term.

"It's one less thing we don't have to worry about maintaining and investing money in, and that way we free up  money to go towards research programs at the centre."

The land will be converted back into green space.

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