Charlottetown council has told the owners of a city lot to go forward with construction or fill in the excavated pit.

The lot on the corner on Grafton Street and Prince was dug up more than a year ago. The city recently sent the owners a compliance order: either fill in the hole, reapply for the building permit, or get another developer to take over the site.


It would be a shame for the hole on Grafton Street to be filled in only to be redug for another development, says Coun. Rob Lantz. (CBC)

"We've had a giant hole in the ground at a prominent intersection in the city of Charlottetown for a year, so it's either pull the trigger or pack up and go home," said planning committee chair Coun. Rob Lantz.

"My understanding is that there's at least two people interested in pursuing the project."

Lantz said it would be a shame for the hole to be filled in, only to be dug out again for another development.


The hole was dug more than a year ago. (CBC)

City officials are worried about garbage piling up at the bottom of the hole, and the unsightliness of it in a heritage district.

They expect to hear from the lot owner by the end of the week and have the issue resolved by the end of the month.